Learn to Worm 

A beginner's guide to worm farming to produce worm castings.

Discover the amazing power of the simple composting worm and the incredible organic fertilizer that worms can create.  Learn how to create a worm farm that can produce castings for your own garden and even enough to share or sell in a worm based business. 

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The "Learn to Worm" Course

What You Will Learn:

  • The Benefits of Worms
  • Varieties of Worms 
  • Types of Worm Bins
  • Feeding Worms
  • Maintaining Worm Environments
  • Harvesting Worm Castings
  • Common Mistakes
  • Potential Worm-based Businesses 

10 Chapters

Exclusive Video Content

Structured for Learning

Meet the instructor

"Captain Matt" Charde

Captain Matt has been a gardener for over 30 years. He has always loved flower and vegetable gardening, experimenting and trying new things such as apprenticing to a CSA farmer many years ago to learn organic farming from a practical perspective. 
Though he raised worms for many years for his personal use, he did not originally plan to make worming a business  He simply fertilized his family’s garden and flower beds naturally with the best fertilizer available, worm castings! 
Then COVID 19 happened… due to an underlying health condition Matt lost his job and began retirement earlier than planned. He had worms, had learned much already over the years and decided “why not scale up?”.

Matt loves tending his worm farm and working for himself on his own time table, while sharing his knowledge and experience with others.
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